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Sally Cristini was born in South Africa shortly after the ideology of apartheid and its infamous Colour Bar Laws were institutionalised. She lived alongside the transition to democracy in 1994.

She is still passionate about engaging with communities and bridging social and geographical divides. Always a visionary, when she stopped teaching at the lycee at The French School, she decided to invest her energy in tourism as she saw it as being one of the fastest-growing industries which could empower and employ many South Africans.

Having worked in townships with NGOs on a volunteer basis, Sally has an in-depth knowledge of their inhabitants’ needs and challenges. Passionate about her beloved country, she is keen to share with visitors a ‘road less travelled’, as they engage with the locals and share Langa’s culinary and musical offerings.

Her years of experience have not dampened her passion and fascination with the history and culture of South Africa, which includes the history of the ‘grape’.  Her enthusiasm for viticulture and wine led her to study oenology through the Cape Wine Academy in Stellenbosch, where she graduated with her Diploma cum laude and summa cum laude in 2011. Since then, she has accompanied wine lovers – both amateurs and professionals – to the Cape’s spectacular vineyards.

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